Supervisory Council

The Government has decided that the following persons are appointed to be members of the supervisory council at SBU


  • Mats Bojestig, Healthcare Director,  Region Jönköping county. Chair, Steering committée, Knowledge-driven management in collaboration. Member Partnership for support to National system for knowledge-driven management within Swedish healthcare
  • Jonas Claesson, Healthcare Director, Region Örebro county
  • Malin Danielsson, Member of parliment (L)
  • Mona Olin, Member of parliment (SD)
  • Nicklas Mårtensson, Chair ,The Swedish Disability Rights federation
  • Sabina Orstam, Head of Department,  National Board of Health and Wellfare
  • Monica Persson, Director of social services, Karlstad Municipality
  • Svante Twetman, Professor Emeritus, Copenhagen University
  • Anna Vikström, Member of parliment (S)


  • Britta Björkholm, Director General, SBU