Patient and user involvement

Healthcare users

SBU's conclusions following the conference on collaboration with healthcare users

Watch the video from SBU's conference to promote collaboration with the users of health services


SBU needs patients / healthcare users to pinpoint critical questions and do an even better job

  • Patients / consumers have a great need for evidence-based knowledge
  • It is important to distinguish between the state of knowledge that everyone can agree on, and the priorities and decisions that are taken where different stakeholders may have different views, just as different groups within the same patient-/user group
  • There is a need for increased collaboration between SBU and patients/ healthcare users
  • The collaboration can evolve and improve
  • Interaction is particularly important at the beginning and end of the project (but can with advantage also be done during the project)
  • Collaboration is important at the beginning of the project to formulate the research questions that are essential for patients / healthcare users
  • At the end of the project, collaboration is important to analyse the implications of the results from the project and to disseminate that knowledge to those that are affected.