The HTA network Sweden

The HTA Network was established in 2007 and consists of representatives of regional and local units for medical evaluation (SBU) and the National Board of Health. The network is also a mandate from the government since 2013.

The purpouse of the network is to collaborate to avoid duplication, strive for a common methodology, to educate and to promote the development of methodology. SBU’ s representatives are chairman and secretary of the network.

HTA-network Sweden logotype


Regional HTA networks

HTA Syd (in Swedish)

HTA-centrum Västra Götaland (in Swedish, reports in English)

HTA Norr (in Swedish)

Centre for assessment of Medical Technology in Örebro (in Swedish, reports with summary in English)

Medicinska rådet, Region Dalarna (in Swedish)

HTA Region Stockholm (in Swedish)

Regional samverkansgrupp HTA, Sydöstra sjukvårdsregionen (in Swedish)

Region Värmland, Centrum för klinisk forskning och utbildning (in Swedish, reports with summary in English)

National HTA organisations in the network

Cochrane Sweden

HTA-O Odontology (in Swedish)