Treatments for extreme nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (hyperemesis gravidarum)

A systematic review

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SBU Assessment

Presents a comprehensive, systematic assessment of available scientific evidence for effects on health, social welfare or disability. Full assessments include economic, social and ethical impact analyses. Assessment teams include professional practitioners and academics. Before publication the report is reviewed by external experts, and scientific conclusions approved by the SBU Board of Directors.

A manuscript is in preparation for submission to a peer-reviewed journal.

Published: Report no: 355 Registration no: SBU 2021/138 ISBN: 978-91-88437-99-0

Project group


  • Ing-Marie Claesson
  • Maria Forslund
  • Hanna Ulfsdottir
  • Marie-Therese Vinnars

From SBU

  • Annicka Hedman, Project Manager
  • Nathalie Peira, Assistant Projext Manager
  • Caroline Jungner, Project Administrator (until 17th of December 2021)
  • Emma Wernersson, Project Administrator (from 17th of december 2021)
  • Hanna Olofsson, Information Specialist
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