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Interventions to Prevent Obesity

SBU Assessment

Presents a comprehensive, systematic assessment of available scientific evidence for effects on health, social welfare or disability. Full assessments include economic, social and ethical impact analyses. Assessment teams include professional practitioners and academics. Before publication the report is reviewed by external experts, and scientific conclusions approved by the SBU Board of Directors.

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An update of the chapter on preventing obesity in the SBU Report "Treating and Preventing Obesity – An Evidence Based Review".

(Originally published in Swedish, 2002. English edition published in 2004.)
Project Group: Mona Britton, Jan Östman, Ewalotte Ränzlöv.

Other contributors: Johan Bring (Statistical Analysis), Johan Skånberg (Chapter 4).

Manuscript reviewed by: Carl-Erik Flodmark, Claude Marcus, Jarl S:son Torgerson.

English translation by: Ron Gustafson.

Flodmark CE, Marcus C, Britton M. Interventions to prevent obesity in children and adolescents: a systematic literature review. Int J Obes 2006;30:579-89. Link to the article

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