Post covid and other post infectious diseases

The primary purpose is to map existing research on treatment and rehabilitation for post-covid and other post-infectious conditions.

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Ongoing Projects

SBU assess relevant and well-conducted research and investigate what effect different interventions have, if there are any risks or ethical problems, and what is most cost-effective in the areas of health care, dentistry, social services, and within the areas of functional disability and work environment.

Planned to be published: Quarter 3, 2024 Registration no: SBU 2023/442


SBU has been commissioned by the government to carry out a compilation of knowledge in the area of post-covid and other post-infectious conditions. The assignment also includes identifying the needs for additional scientific knowledge in the area. The project will be developed in collaboration with the National Board of Health and Welfare, which has been commissioned with developing a report on national knowledge in the area. Postcovid is a multisystem disease that can affect different organs and give rise to a range of various symptoms and sequelae. The symptoms for post-covid patients is sometimes similar to other post-infectious diseases, such as symptoms after severe influenza, sepsis, chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), post-intensive care syndrome and Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS/PANDAS) and others. The symptoms are usually complex and may require multi-professional interventions. In consultation with the National Board of Health and Welfare, SBU will produce a knowledge compilation relating to research on treatment and rehabilitation.



Project group


Mats Martinell, Specialist in general medicine

Marika Möller, Neuropsychologist, Associate professor

Marcus Ståhlberg, Cardiologist, Associate professor

Per Åkesson, Infectious disease specialist, Associate professor

From SBU

Per Lytsy, Project manager

Karin Wilbe Ramsay, Assistant project manager

Jessica Dagerhamn, Project participant

Laura Lintamo, Project participant

Klas Moberg, Information specialist

Emma Wernersson, Project administrator

Pernilla Östlund, Head of SBU department UA4

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