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Treating asthma and COPD

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SBU Assessment

Presents a comprehensive, systematic assessment of available scientific evidence for effects on health, social welfare or disability. Full assessments include economic, social and ethical impact analyses. Assessment teams include professional practitioners and academics. Before publication the report is reviewed by external experts, and scientific conclusions approved by the SBU Board of Directors.

Assessment objectives

The intent of this report is to assess the scientific evidence underlying current treatment methods for asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) in adults and children. The report addresses primary prevention, pharmacological and surgical treatment, patient education, psychological methods, rehabilitation, climate therapy, and alternative medicine. Background information is presented on the causes, prevalence, and mortality from the disease and the utilization of health services. Socioeconomic and cost-effectiveness analyses are also included.

Assessment strategy

Systematic literature review.

Primary data collection

The systematic literature review was based on MEDLINE, 1996 through 1999, and a review of reference lists. Information searches for some chapters were conducted through the Cochrane library, CATS, Cinahl, Embase, Psycinfo, Swemed, and Spriline. Selection was based on protocol-defined criteria. The literature was searched for 1966 through 1999.

Data criteria; types of studies included

Randomized controlled trials, controlled clinical studies, and meta-analyses of treatments having a followup times of at least 3 months were included. To be included in the review, the studies had to present at least one of the following: symptoms, mortality, health-related quality of life, need for increased medication, acute visits, or hospital admission. A special review format was used in assessing the scientific studies.

Review of publications

The Project Group extensively discussed each chapter. The manuscript was revised by 5 external reviewers and was considered by the SBU Board of Directors and the SBU Scientific Advisory Committee.

How to cite this report: SBU. Treating asthma and COPD. Stockholm: Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment in Health Care (SBU); 2000. SBU report no 151 (in Swedish).

Published: Report no: 151

Project group

  • Boman G (Chair)
  • Bahtsevani C
  • Berg T
  • Eliasson M
  • Agenäs I
  • Almer H
  • Foucard T
  • Hedlin G
  • Hejdenberg K
  • Larsson K
  • Lindgren B
  • Löfdahl C-G
  • Nightingale R
  • Rak S
  • Sandström T
  • Skoogh B-E
  • Ström K
  • Sullivan M
  • Torén K
  • Tunsäter A
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