Co-payments in health care

Co-payments are health care costs that are payed directly by the patients, either as a fixed fee or a share of the total costs. Changes in co-payments can be used as a means to influence health care utilisation. In 2011, SBU published a systematic review with the purpose to summarize systematic reviews that had investigated how the use of co-payments influence patients’ health and the demand for care.

The governmental inquiry Coordinated development for good quality, local health care (S 2017:01) has asked the SBU Enquiry Service to make an update of systematic reviews that have been published subsequently.


  • What systematic reviews address the impact of co-payments for health care visits on patient health or on the demand for health care visits?
  • What systematic reviews address the impact of co-payments for pharmaceuticals on patient health, or on the demand for pharmaceuticals and other care services?

Identified literature in SBU’s previous review of systematic reviews (before 2011)

Co-payments for health care visits

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Co-payments for pharmaceuticals

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Identified systematic reviews by the Enquiry Service (after 2010)

Co-payments for health care visits

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Co-payments for pharmaceuticals (general population)

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Co-payments for pharmaceuticals (patients with chronic diseases or other specific diseases)

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Co-payments for pharmaceuticals (patients in vulnerable or socio-economically disadvantaged groups)

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SBU Enquiry Service consists of systematic literature searches to highlight studies that can address questions received by the SBU Enquiry Service from Swedish healthcare or social service providers. Relevant references are compiled by an SBU staff member, in consultation with an external expert when needed. The quality of the studies identified is not systematically reviewed.

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