SCORE-IT (Selecting a Core Outcome Set for Randomised Effectiveness trials in Type 2 Diabetes)

SCORE -IT aims to develop a core outcome set for treatment of type 2 diabetes. The project involves patients, clinicians, researchers and healthcare policy makers (including SBU). When developed, the core set will be published as a scientific paper and presented on the COMET web-page. The SCORE-IT project was initiated by the university of Liverpool in 2018.

What is the need of a core set in diabetes type 2 research?

A systematic review published in 2017 assessed outcomes currently used in trials of glucose lowering interventions for type 2 diabetes registered in 138 trials were included in the review and in total these trials measured 1 444 outcomes. The outcomes where categorized in 30 different domains, no single domain or outcome was measured in 100% of trials.