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Below it is possible to filter which publications are shown in the evidence map. The default is that all publications are shown. When multiple options are ticked within the same category, they are combined using OR. When multiple options are ticked from different categories, they are combined using AND. This means that only articles that have been tagged with both options ticked will be shown.

Showing 24 publications

  • Systematic reviews with moderate risk of bias

  • Systematic reviews with low risk of bias

  • Result section for specific tools in the full report (only available in Swedish)

The number in the symbols represent the number of articles. The same article may appear in more than one place in the graph. Hover over a symbol to see details with links to the articles. Use the drop-down menus above the graph to filter which articles are to be displayed.
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Parent-child interaction
Abuse and neglect
Substance use problems
Violence and crime
General mental health including behavioural problems
Social competences
Quality of life