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Below it is possible to filter which publications are shown in the evidence map. The default is that all publications are shown. When multiple options are ticked within the same category, they are combined using OR. When multiple options are ticked from different categories, they are combined using AND. This means that only articles that have been tagged with both options ticked will be shown.

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The number in the symbols represent the number of systematic reviews. The same systematic reviews may appear in more than one place in the graph. Hover over a symbol to see details with links to the systematic reviews. Use the drop-down menus above the graph to filter which systematic reviews are to be displayed. Age groups refer to persons with disabilities, not relatives of persons with disabilities or professionals.
Person with disabilities Mental disability Neuropsychiatric disability Intellectual disability Sensory disability Physical disability Dyslexia dyscalculia or language impairment Multi functional impairment Type of disability not specified Next of kin or other related persons Professionals
Areas of intervention
Work employment and leisure oriented interventions
Autonomy related interventions
Behavioural interventions
Housing related interventions
Interventions that promote participation and social life
Physical interventions
Interventions that promote parental ability
Cognitive oriented interventions
Communication oriented interventions
Motivation oriented interventions
Educational oriented interventions
Personal Assistance
Psykosocial interventions
Sensory interventions
Support from relatives and others
Transport related interventions
Health related interventions
Interventions that affect the health and well being of relatives
Interventions that affect the supportive capacity of relatives
Methods for assessment and decision making