Evidence gaps

SBU identifies evidence gaps in health care and social services.

A method or practice is an evidence gap if:

  • Systematic literature reviews find there is no conclusive evidence of benefits and harms
  • No systematic literature reviews can be identified.

Identified evidence gaps are collected in a database on SBU’s website. SBU’s Database of Evidence gaps is intended to help researchers and research funding agencies identify topics where new research is needed. The database is also intended to help decision makers set priorities in health care and social services.

During 2021 we have started to translate evidence gaps published in SBU’s database into English, focusing on what has been published recently. So far, only a small amount of these evidence gaps have been published on SBU’s website, but the work will continue for the coming years.

However, if you are interested in our work with evidence gaps, or if you would like to know if a certain topic has been identified and registered as an evidence gap in our database, you are most welcome to contact us.

Contact persons

  • Marie Österberg (marie.osterberg@sbu.se)
  • Lena Wallgren (lena.wallgren@sbu.se)

English publications

Practice-based research and scientific evaluation within health care and social services

Databases with evidence gaps