Update: Functioning and disability – An evidence map

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SBU assess relevant and well-conducted research and investigate what effect different interventions have, if there are any risks or ethical problems, and what is most cost-effective in the areas of health care, dentistry, social services, and within the areas of functional disability and work environment.


SBU is an independent national authority, tasked by the government with assessing social service and disability interventions. As part of this task, an evidence map on disability social services was published in 2019. Representatives of Sweden's municipalities and regions have requested an update of this report. This is to get an idea of ​​the state of scientific knowledge in connection with the development of competence programs aimed at social service personnel who work with disability interventions.


The report aims to identify systematic reviews in the field of disability in order to:

  • show in which areas there is reliable and compiled scientific knowledge and in which areas such knowledge is lacking,
  • show any need for more primary studies. • show whether there are parts of systematic reviews that can be used when new reviews are produced.
Planned to be published: Quarter 2, 2023 Registration no: SBU 2022/666

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From SBU

  • Susanna Larsson Tholén, Project Manager
  • Göran Bertilsson, Project Manager
  • Maja Kärrman Fredriksson, Information Specialist
  • Anna Attergren Granath, Project Administrator
  • Sofia Tranaeus, Head of Department
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