Support for unaccompanied minors


In 2015 about 30 000 unaccompanied minors came to Sweden. Most were either placed in foster homes or in residential care facilities. These minors often have a wide variety of issues because of their experiences, either in their home countries, or during their journey to Sweden. It is therefore of the utmost priority to gather information regarding which forms of support and services are available to help these minors.

The central question

What kinds of support are effective for improving the social integration, physical or psychological health, or functional capacity of unaccompanied minors placed in foster homes or other kinds of care residences?

Ongoing Projects

Planned to be published: Summer 2018
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Registration no: SBU 2017/94

Project group


  • Åsa Backlund, Stockholm university
  • Henry Ascher, University of Gothenburg
  • Christian Munthe, University of Gothenburg


  • Pernilla Östlund, Project Manager
  • Knut Sundell, Assistant Project Manager
  • Kickan Håkanson, Project Administrator
  • Ann Kristine Jonsson, Information Specialist
  • Pia Johansson, Health Economist
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