Scientific evidence and evidence gaps in social care regarding assessment routines and interventions for individuals with disabilities or their next of kin


To map systematic reviews that address assessment routines or interventions, which can be used according to Swedish regulations and social service sector, for individuals with disabilities.


  1. What is the abundance of scientific evidence and evidence gaps regarding the effects of assessment methods and interventions?
  2. What is the abundance of scientific evidence and evidence gaps regarding experiences of assessment methods and interventions, or opportunities to participate in those?


When conducting a systematic map of systematic reviews, experts in the field outline the questions and list important areas (for example a specific condition). Thereafter, representatives from the relevant professions and user organizations, are allowed to outline their views on the areas of interest. It is of great importance that the listed areas can be applied in Sweden. After a systematic literature search, the systematic reviews that address these questions are collected and tagged to their specific areas. Thereafter, the quality of the systematic reviews is assessed with the AMSTAR checklist and the results from reviews that hold a moderate or high quality, are summarized in a transparent manner. The study quality of the primary studies in the systematic reviews is not evaluated.

Ongoing Projects

Planned to be published: Quarter 4, 2019
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Registration no: SBU 2017/911

Project group


  • Mikaela Starke
  • Ann-Marie Öhrvall
  • Jill Fialdini Yenidogan


  • Susanna Larsson-Tholén (Project Manager)
  • Christel Hellberg (Project Manager)
  • Jenny Stenman (Project Administrator)
  • Maria Ahlberg (Project Administrator)
  • Maja Kärrman Fredriksson (Information Specialist)
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