Interventions to prevent and reduce gang-related crime among children and young adults

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Ongoing Projects

SBU assess relevant and well-conducted research and investigate what effect different interventions have, if there are any risks or ethical problems, and what is most cost-effective in the areas of health care, dentistry, social services, and within the areas of functional disability and work environment.


SBU has been commissioned by the Swedish Government to evaluate the scientific evidence for initiatives about the crime prevention area that the social services can use in their work with children and young people who are caught up in antisocial and criminal behavior. In its work, SBU shall consider views from the National Board of Health and Welfare and other relevant actors. After consultation with the National Board of Health and Welfare and other authorities, the project will focus on children and young people's gang-related crime. Gang crime refers to: (1) groups comprising more than three persons, (2) existing for at least three months, (3) being youth-related or street-related, (4) accepting illegal activities and (5) committing crimes together.

Inclusion criteria

  • Children and young adults who are under 30 years of age.
  • Psychosocial interventions that in Sweden can be carried out by social services, schools, after school activities or civil society.
  • Psychosocial interventions within correctional care Studies from Western countries (Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand)

Exclusion criteria

  • Police interventions that are not supplemented with psychosocial interventions
  • Situational prevention (e.g. camera surveillance, security doors)
  • Research on violent extremism, "soccer firms", mafia, clan-related and MC-related crime


The aim is to evaluate the scientific support for initiatives where the social services can be involved that can prevent or reduce gang-related crime.

Planned to be published: Quarter 4, 2023 Registration no: SBU 2022/20

Project group


  • Manne Gerell, Associate Professor, Criminology, University of Malmö
  • Amir Rostami, Ph.D. in sociology, University of Gävle
  • Joakim Sturup, Criminologist, Ph.D, Swedish Police Authority
  • Caroline Mellgren, Associate Professor, Criminology, University of Malmö
  • Christian Munthe, PhD, Reader, Professor of practical philosophy, University of Gothenburg
  • Thomas Hartvigsson, PhD of practical philosophy, University of Gothenburg

From SBU

  • Knut Sundell, Project Manager
  • Susanne Johansson, Assistant Project Manager
  • Jessica Dagerhamn, Assistant Project Manager
  • Ann Kristine Jonsson, Information Specialist
  • Sara Fundell, Project Administrator
  • Sofia Tranæus, Program Director
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