Internet-based psychological treatment compared to other interventions for common mental disorders


In 2013, SBU published a report regarding internet-based psychological treatment for anxiety and mood disorders. Psychological treatment, mainly cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), has a high priority in national guidelines for the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, and it represents an important part of the treatment services offered for these conditions. The internet offers new opportunities for providing treatment at a distance and increasing accessibility.


SBU was commissioned by the Swedish government to systematically review the scientific evidence regarding treatments for mental illnesses that had previously been identified as scientific knowledge gaps. This sub-project updates the previous report with the scientific evidence published since 2013. The assessment includes a systematic review of the efficacity, risks and adverse effects of internet-based psychological treatment. Cost-effectiveness and a discussion of relevant ethics considerations are also presented.

Ongoing Projects

Planned to be published: Quarter 4, 2021
Registration no: SBU 2020/100