Indicated prevention of suicide in children and adolescents

The aim of the project is to assess the effectiveness of interventions to prevent suicide and suicide attempt in children and adolescents with an enhanced individual risk.

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SBU assess relevant and well-conducted research and investigate what effect different interventions have, if there are any risks or ethical problems, and what is most cost-effective in the areas of health care, dentistry, social services, and within the areas of functional disability and work environment.


In an earlier report, SBU evaluated programs for preventing suicide and suicide attempt in children, focusing on school-based program targeting all children or children in risk groups (SBU 336/2021). During the assessment, it was acknowledged that there is a need to evaluate methods to prevent suicide in children identified at an individual level as being at risk for suicide.



Planned to be published: Quarter 4, 2024 Registration no: SBU 2023/95

Project group


  • Johan Bjureberg
  • Björn Axel Johansson

From SBU

  • Karin Wilbe Ramsay, Project Manager
  • Agneta Pettersson, Project Manager
  • Sara Fundell, Project Administrator
  • Carl Gornitzki, Information Specialist
  • Jenny Odeberg, Head of Department
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