Identifying research priorities within the field of maternal birth injuries following vaginal birth


In the spring of 2018 SBU published a report of a priority setting regarding research areas within the fields of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of maternal birth injuries ( The present project is a continuation of this prioritisation with the aim to further prioritize among the specific evidence gaps within the research areas with the highest ranking.


The aim is to identify the unanswered questions about diagnosis, prevention and treatment of maternal birth injuries, from patient and clinical perspectives and then prioritise those that patients and clinicians agree are the most important.

SBU Policy support identifies and presents available scientific evidence to support policy and decision making, including the development of national guidelines, at other government agencies. In consultation with professional experts, SBU staff generates supporting documentation to address the various questions that have been posed.

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  • Karin Rydin
  • Marie Österberg
  • Christel Hellberg
  • Maria Ahlberg
  • Åsa Fagerström
  • Sara Fundell
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