Diagnosis and interventions for fear of childbirth and interventions for mild to moderate anxiety and depression during pregnancy


During pregnancy, most pregnant women come into contact with maternal health care. In maternal health care, pregnant women with mild to moderate depression or anxiety symptoms may be offered listening visits or short-term psychotherapy.

Fear of childbirth exists on a scale from no fear at all to extreme fear and anxiety (i.e. tokophobia) and may be a primary fear or a secondary fear where a past event is the basis of the fear. In order to reduce the fear, the pregnant woman can get e.g. support from midwives, relaxation exercises, psychotherapy and in some cases an elective caesarean section.


SBU will do a systematic review of the scientific evidence for:

  • methods for diagnosis and interventions for fear of childbirth
  • psychosocial interventions for mild to moderate depression and anxiety symptoms during pregnancy

The project will be completed in March 2021.

Ongoing Projects

Planned to be published: Quarter 1, 2021
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