Development of a core outcome set for treatment of provoked vestibulodynia

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Provoked vestibulodynia (PVD) (localised provoked vulvodynia) is a condition characterised by pain in the vestibular region of the vulva, present in sexual and nonsexual situations. The prevalence is highest among young women. PVD has a negative impact on the women’s sexual relations, wellbeing and quality of life. In June 2021 SBU published a HTA-report focusing on diagnosis and treatment of the condition. One result from the report was the need for a Core Outcome Set (COS) for treatment studies on this condition. To date no relevant ongoing or available COS is available.


In this project, SBU will let the relevant stakeholders agree upon a Core outcome set for future treatment studies on people with provoked vestibulodynia. The goal with the project is for more studies to measure outcomes that are important for both healthcare staff and researchers as well as patients.

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Planned to be published: Quarter 1, 2023 Registration no: SBU 2022/37

Project group


  • Nina Bohm-Starke
  • Caroline Pukall
  • Susanna Kempe

From SBU

  • Christel Hellberg, Project Manager
  • Marie Österberg, Assistant Project Manager
  • Maria Ahlberg, Project Administrator
  • Ann Kristine Jonsson, Information Specialist
  • Sofia Tranæus, Program Director
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