Core outcome set in obstetric care


To enable the best clinical evidence, all clinical trials within a field are often systematically collected, assessed and synthesized in systematic reviews. These reviews are often unable to synthesize results of individual studies because different outcomes were measured. This, in turn, lowers the certainty of the evidence for the specific intervention and leads to a more uncertain decision base for patients and caregivers when it comes to treatment options. The project to analyze and develop COS within obstetric care is a governmental assignment and will be performed in collaboration with relevant stakeholders like patients, researchers and care-givers.


The aim of the project is to systematically review and analyze registered, progressing, or completed core outcome sets relevant to obstetric care. In addition, we will also develop COS in one area within obstetric care that currently lack a robustly developed COS. The results from the project will give a clear picture of important COS for new research in this area and hopefully lead to better evidence regarding interventions in obstetric care.

Ongoing Projects

Planned to be published: Quarter 2, 2020
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Registration no: SBU 2019/290