Assessment of associations between Swedish snuff (snus), e-cigarettes and smoking tobacco


SBU and the Public Health Agency have reached a partnership agreement regarding an evaluation of snuff and e-cigarette use. At present, cigarettes and snuff are the main tobacco products in Sweden, and according to The Survey of Living Conditions in Sweden (ULF – years 2016–2017), 11% of the population smoke daily, while 13 percent use snuff.

The product E-cigarettes is relatively new in Sweden and in the year of 2017, over a third of the youth in secondary school answered that they had tried e-cigarettes, while the corresponding figure in the total population was approximately 10 percent. It was more common to have tried e-cigarette among persons who smoked than among those who did not smoke.


The aim of this project is to provide a systematic literature review regarding associations between the use of snuff, e-cigarettes and tobacco smoking. The project has two focus areas, first whether the use of snuff and e-cigarettes by non-smokers can initiate use of smoking tobacco, and second, whether people who use smoking tobacco and later starts using snuff and e-cigarettes, change their tobacco-smoking-behaviours (smoking cessation, increased or decreased tobacco-use). This literature review will include an assessment of how strong the scientific evidence is and will also serve as basis for the Public Health Agency’s further work in the tobacco field.

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Planned to be published: Quarter 2, 2020
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Registration no: SBU 2018/431