Processing of personal data

SBU is a government agency. This means that what you send to us becomes a public document that is registered and stored in our diary. These documents may be requested from the SBU in accordance with the principle of public access to official records. We are also required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation regarding how we process personal data.

Personal data is all information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a living natural person. Examples of personal data are name, social security number, postal address and e-mail address.

SBU does not sell any personal data to any other party. SBU does not transmit any personal data to third countries. SBU does not have access to any patient records.

If the SBU's information about you is incorrect, you are entitled to request that the SBU correct, block or delete them.

We never collect any personal data about you without contacting you directly.

Below are examples of when we can process your personal data:

  • When you contact SBU via mail, email or forms on our website. The personal data you enter is recorded in a digital system and may be archived.
  • When you apply for employment through our website we will save all application documents for two years. Click here for more information (in Swedish)
  • When you register to receive our newsletter or our journal Science & Praxis the data is stored in a digital systemand only used to send you the newsletter or magazine. You can unsubscribe at any time. We will delete your personal data when you unsubscribe.
  • When you order a report or publication of the SBU your personal data is stored in a digital record until the customer relationship expires. If you buy one of the SBU reports we may also need to save card or bank account information for billing in addition to name and address information. Economic data can be saved for up to ten years with regard to other legislation, such as the Accounting Act (1999:1078).
  • When registering for training, conferences and other events organized by the SBU the SBU may register participantlists with regard to public access to justice. However, the participant lists may not contain more personal data than is required, which is usually the name and e-mail address and organization or authority and position.
  • When you visit our site, your IP address logs. This data is only used for visitor statistics.

Right to request information

You are entitled to receive free information about which of your personal data the SBU is processing, where the data has been collected, for what purpose the data has been processed, and to whom the data has been disclosed. You can only request information about your own personal data and the information will be sent to your population registration address . If the information is classifiedit may need to be sent by registered letter.

Fill in an application and mail to us if you want information about what personal data we are processing about you. The application must be a signed original:

Att: Data Protection Officer
Box 6183
102 33 Stockholm, Sweden

We will respond to your application within one month.

The person responsible for personal data at SBU is Karin Coster and can be reached at the e-mail address

SBU's main registrar is data protection agent and can be reached by e-mail

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