Start of a global network for Social Technology Assessment (STA)

SBU's initiative on international work within the social service sector is now commissioned by the Swedish government.

Start of a global network for Social Technology Assessment (STA)

The task is to establish an international network for organisations working with assessments in the social field.

The idea is that the network will contribute to the methodological development of reports in the field of Social Technology Assessment (STA) and increase the abilities to provide best possible care and assistance to vulnerable children, adults and people with functional disabilities.

In April, SBU and the European Center for Social Welfare Policy and Research will hold a two-day workshop in Vienna. Approximately twenty organisations from different countries are invited to participate in the workshop where the forms of the network will be developed. Important aspects to consider when establishing the network is to reach consensus on the criteria for membership, governance, topics to cover, forms of work, et cetera.

The mission is to be reported to the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs by 31 March 2020.