SBU presents at the COMET 2020 webinar series

Marie Österberg and Christel Hellberg from SBU will share their experiences working with COS at the COMET initiative webinar in November.

COMET 2020 webinar series are currently holding a free series of webinars that began on the 8th and 9th October. The recordings of the first three webinars can be found on the COMET website.

On Tuesday 3rd of November, Comet will be holding a contributed session including a talk from Steven MacLennan (University of Aberdeen) on changing scores in core outcomes set Delphi surveys.

Marie Österberg and Christel Hellberg (Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services) will also be providing a Health Technology Assessment agency perspective on what is a usable core outcome set. The experiences are mainly based on a systematic review of finished and ongoing core outcome sets relating to pregnancy and childbirth we will highlight and discuss some insights:

  • Should there be a limitation in the number of outcomes in a COS?
  • How important is it to determine how and when to measure the outcomes in the COS?
  • How can we critically appraise developed COS?

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