Application for membership in The International Network for Social Intervention Assessment (INSIA)

Logotype Insia networkAn organisation can apply for membership in INSIA any time throughout the year, but the INSIA membership year runs from January 1 to December 31. If you are applying for a full membership, you are asked to submit both the completed application form (below) and a cover letter (maximum one page) from the appropriate authority in the organisation/unit seeking membership, stating that they have read and agree to the INSIA Bylaws, as well as authorizing the submission of the application.

When answering the questions, the applicant should bear the organisation’s work with social intervention assessments in mind.

Please send these two documents to the INSIA Secretariat, either by e-mail 
or by mail: Insia c/o SBU, P.O. Box 6183, SE-102 33 Stockholm, Sweden

Criteria for full membership - read here 

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Type of membership
The organisation’s governance structure:
The organisation’s work primarily targets the following level(s): (check all that apply)
The organisation has some ongoing, officially recognised role in relation to regional or national government (e.g., report back to government):
The organisation is officially not-for-profit (do not earn profit for their owners):
The organisation is funded by public sources ≥50%
Brief description of the organisation’s source of public funds:
The organisation provides social intervention assessment reports publicly on the agency website:
The organisation will provide free access to social intervention assessment reports to other members of INSIA upon request:
The organisation produces social intervention assessment reports in English (check all that apply):
The organisation undertakes work in the following areas in relation to social intervention assessment (check all that apply):
The organisation has a focus on the following topic areas (check all that apply):