Sophie Werkö, new chair for INAHTA

Sophie Werkö, MSc, PhD, Manager of International Relations at SBU has been appointed the precidency for the international network for HTA organisations, INAHTA.

INAHTA is a worldwide network of 50, publicly funded, non-profit making organisations producing HTA and linked to regional or national governments. The network creates opportunities for exchange of experience and access to the results of completed evaluations. Sophie Werkö, takes over the presidency for INAHTA, in conjunction with the annual meeting of INAHTA and the international Conference of HTAi in Canada. Sophie has been vice Chairman since the year 2016, in parallel with her work at SBU.  "My focus is to strengthen the INAHTA's role as an independent network of publicly funded HTA organisations. INAHTA is an extremely important hub for independent knowledge and better decisions, but also as a corrective to misinformation”, says Sophie Werkö.

Read more at INAHTAs website.