Selection of topics

Suggestions for topics for assessment by SBU may come from various sources, such as individuals, organisations, government authorities and decision-makers. The SBU Scientific Advisory Committee, which represents the key categories of health care professionals, may also recommend topics for new projects.

The topics selected are very important to our health and quality of life. For example, some projects evaluate medical conditions for which there are regional variations in treatment methods and in outcomes. High priority may also be given to topics that are ethically controversial, or in cases where the implementation of an intervention would cause considerable disruption to the existing organisation of health care delivery.

Before beginning an assessment project, SBU undertakes a preliminary investigation of research activity in the field. This indicates whether it is feasible to draw evidence-based, scientific conclusions, or whether there appear to be knowledge gaps that need to be addressed first.

The SBU Board of Directors then determines which of the proposed topics should be the subject of further, comprehensive assessment.

Topic prioritisation