Publications and Communication

SBU findings are disseminated through a variety of channels. The target groups for SBU reports vary depending on the topic, but generally include

  • healthcare managers and staff
  • patients
  • decision makers at the administrative
  • county, and municipal levels
  • purchasers of health services
  • quality improvement teams
  • county drug review committees.

SBU's findings are widely communicated, for example, via the SBU newsletter Science & Practice (over 100 000 copies per issue), in the Journal of the Swedish Medical Association, and in other medical journals. The news media often report on the scientific conclusions published by SBU. Furthermore, new reports are published in full on the SBU website. Reports and other news on the SBU website are also disseminated free of charge via an Internet subscription service.

SBU reports are frequently used as a basis for study materials, seminars, courses, and lectures. Conferences and clinical meetings are held in several locations to generate attention and initiate discussion about the reports. They are used in formulating national, regional, and local guidelines in health care, and are often followed by recommendations from other agencies.

The SBU project groups and networks of SBU ambassadors across Sweden also initiate and promote local and regional efforts to help assure that the reports are used by decision makers and that the findings are applied in clinical practice.

SBU has an extensive network of collaborative partners in Sweden and internationally. In Sweden, SBU collaborates with the National Board of Health and Welfare, the Medical Products Agency, and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Board. A range of professional organisations in health care, insurance organisations, and other interested parties participate in implementing the findings of SBU assessments.

SBU has also been a driving force in several projects at the European Union (EU) level.