Our mandate

SBU evaluates methods used by medical and social services

SBU, the Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services, is charged with undertaking independent assessments of methods used in health, medical and dental services. SBU also evaluates methods used by social services and services provided with the support of the Law regulating Support and Service to persons with certain functional disabilities (LSS).

Questions addressed by SBU include:

  • How good is a treatment or a procedure?
  • How best to determine need?
  • How should resources be allotted to provide the greatest possible benefit?

SBU provides the knowledge needed to provide better health and medical care

Society provides support for people in different ways – in the form of medical care, aged care and care of the disabled, or special care in cases of substance abuse. A child who is vulnerable or has difficulties at school can also need support from society through healthcare or social services. But what type of treatment, care or support is safest and most effective? This is the question which SBU assesses.

How are SBU assessments utilised?

SBU’s findings are an impartial and scientifically reliable basis for decision-making. An SBU report could, for example, be an important source of information for other decision-making authorities, such as the National Board of Health and Welfare, the Medical Products Agency and the Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency. Professional associations of health care personnel, such as doctors, nurses and dentists, can use SBU reports as a basis in preparing their own guidelines. An SBU report can also be used at an individual health centre or clinic to provide guidance on the possible benefits for patients of introducing, prioritising or, in some cases, excluding methods.

SBU reports are therefore intended for those who work practically in health care as well as those who organise and plan health care. The results will also affect many patients and their relatives.

SBU’s independent, scientifically based, assessments are intended to support key decisions in health and medical care.