Treatment options of arm fractures in the elderly


We aim to evaluate the benefits and risks of surgery of arm fractures in women (age ≥50 years old and men ≥60 years old). Although ethical aspects and economics will be considered.

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Planned to be published: Spring 2017
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Project group


  • Carl Ekholm, Gothenburg
  • Cecilia Mellstrand Navarro, Stockholm
  • Lars-Eric Olsson, Gothenburg
  • Lena Zidén, Gothenburg
  • Per-Olof Josefsson, Malmö
  • Peter Nordström, Umeå


  • Karin Stenström, Project Manager
  • Lina Leander/Agneta Petersson, Assistant Project Manager
  • Emelie Heintz/Emin Hoxha Ekström, Health Economist
  • Agneta Brolund, Information Specialist
  • Sara Fundell, Project Administrator