Parenting interventions for the prevention of physical or psychological child abuse or neglect


Physical abuse and child maltreatment (e.g., neglect and failure to provide care) are important public health problems. In the Nordic countries about 3–9 percent of the children are exposed to severe physical abuse perpetrated by their caretakers and 7–12 percent have witnessed violence in their homes. The negative consequences are severe and include increased risk of mental health problems such as depression, substance misuse and suicide. There is a pronounced demand in the child welfare system of knowledge about effective parental interventions/programmes for the families in need.


The purpose of the present systematic review is to evaluate the effectiveness of so called indicated interventions for parents who allegedly have exposed their children to physical or psychological abuse or neglect. The interventions assessed within this review are interventions provided by the child protective services including individual or group-based parenting programs/training, home visiting programs, counseling, psychological and psychosocial interventions.

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  • Anders Broberg, Professor, psychology, Göteborg University
  • Pia Enebrink, Ph D, psychology, Karolinska Institute
  • Stefan Wiklund, Ass. Professor, social work, Stockholm University
  • Staffan Jansson, Professor, Medicine, Karlstad university
  • Ulf Axberg, PhD, psychology, Göteborg university

From SBU

  • Lina Leander, Project Manager
  • Christel Hellberg, Assistant Project Manager
  • Anneth Syversson, Project Administrator
  • Agneta Brolund, Information Specialist
  • Pia Johansson, Health Economist
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