Evidence map of methods used by social services


To present existing evidence and evidence gaps of methods used by social services in Sweden. The evidence map will include:

  • Older people with social care needs
  • Persons with drug or alcohol addiction
  • Persons with functional disabilities
  • Recipients of financial assistance
  • Relatives/ Caregivers


We will search for systematic reviews that address methods implemented to support persons with functional disabilities, persons with drug or alcohol addiction, older people with social care needs and recipients of financial assistance. Within predefined domains. Thereafter two reviewers will independently screen the retrieved abstracts for relevance. Identified full text reviews will be assessed independently by two reviewers for relevance and thereafter for methodological quality using AMSTAR. Differences will be resolved by consensus. Systematic reviews judged to have low or moderate risk of bias will be used to assess the current body of evidence, including identifying those domains where insufficient evidence is available. Only methods used within the social services in Sweden are included. The project will identify evidence gaps but will not provide a prioritization setting.

Ongoing Projects

Planned to be published: January 2018
Contact SBU: registrator@sbu.se

Project group


  • Mikaela Starke
  • Patrik Karlsson
  • Sam Larsson
  • Jenny Nybom
  • Gerd Ahlström
  • Lena Dahlberg
  • Ann-Marie Öhrvall
  • Susanna Larsson-Tholén


  • Christel Hellberg (Project Manager)
  • Jessica Dagerhamn (Assistant Project Manager)
  • Gunilla Fahlström (Assistant Project Manager)
  • Jenny Stenman (Project Administrator)
  • Maria Ahlberg (Project Administrator)
  • Maja Kärrman Fredriksson (Information Specialist)