Diagnostics and treatment for endometrios – a systematic review


  1. To provide the estimate of the diagnostic accuracy of imaging modalities or the diagnosis of endometriosis.
  2. To determine the effectiveness and safety of differet types of treatments for endometriosis.

Ongoing Projects

Planned to be published: Autumn 2017
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Project group


  • Greta Edelstam
  • Lil Valentin
  • Annica Rhodin
  • Anna-Sofia Melin
  • Cecilia Fridén
  • Jens Jørgen Kjer


  • Jenny Odeberg, Project Manager
  • Sara Fundell, Project Administrator
  • Hanna Olofsson, Information Specialist
  • Martin Eriksson, Health Economist
  • Emelie Heintz, Health Economist
  • Karin Rydin