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Instruments for Suicide Risk Assessment 2015 Systematic Review
Self-harm: patients’ experiences and perceptions of professional care and support 2015 Systematic Review
Occupational Exposures and Cardiovascular Disease 2015 Systematic Review
Newer antipsychotics for maintenance treatment of bipolar disorder 2015 Systematic Review
Measures to support positive lifestyle changes in people with schizophrenia 2015 Systematic Review
Arthroscopic surgery is ineffective in knee osteoarthritis and results in high costs 2015 SBU Prioritization Support
Post mortem imaging 2015 Systematic Review
Arginine and caries prevention 2015 Systematic Review
Rehabilitation at home after early supported discharge (ESD) for elderly patients after stroke 2015 Systematic Review
Drug-eluting stents in coronary arteries 2014 Systematic Review
Treating tennis elbow (lateral epicondylalgia) with corticosteroid injections are beneficial in the short term but harmful in the long term 2014 SBU Prioritization Support
Scheduled replacement of peripheral venous catheters has no advantage over replacement on clinical indications 2014 SBU Prioritization Support
Occupational Exposures and Back Disorders 2014 Systematic Review
Diagnostic Imaging in the Staging of Prostate Cancer 2014 Systematic Review
Chronic ulcers in the elderly – prevention and treatment 2014 Systematic Review
Dyslexia in Children and Adolescents – Tests and Interventions 2014 Systematic Review
Laser treatment of neck pain 2014 Systematic Review
Aromatase inhibitors in the treatment of early ER-positive breast cancer in post-menopausal women 2014 Systematic Review
Occupational Exposures and Symptoms of Depression and Burnout 2014 Systematic Review
Early diagnosis of symptomatic cancer 2014 Systematic Review