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SBU Alert

SBU Alert is a system for identification and early assessment concerning new methods in health care (EWS – Early Warning System). The Alert program is based at the SBU and is a joint effort by SBU, the Medical Products Agency, the National Board of Health and Welfare and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions.

The Alert reports concisely describe the new methods and their effects. The drafts are prepared in collaboration with appointed experts. SBU's summary and conclusions, which includes grading of evidence concerning the method in question, is translated into English and published on the SBU home page.

Alert aims to

  • Promote the efficient introduction of new methods in health care
  • Promote the view that the introduction of a new method should be preceded by a scientific assessment
  • Promote communication between experts and non-experts
  • Enhance the evidence base for setting priorities in health care

Alert achieves its aims by

  • Identifying, at an early stage, new methods which are potentially of major importance for the health care system
  • Assessing the scientific evidence on patient benefits and cost-effectiveness and identifying where further research is needed
  • Disseminating the findings to decision makers in health care

Alert's target groups

  • Politicians and administrators
  • Health service staff in decision-making positions on different levels
  • Purchasers of health and medical services
  • Drug and therapeutic committees


The Alert program is based at the SBU. The program manager is Sofia Tranæus ( The SBU Alert Advisory Board stands behind the activities of Alert.

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